Hope In
Alternative Treatments For Depression


Hope In Alternative Treatments For Depression

If you have been suffering from the side effects of drug treatments for depression, and are at the same time demoralized by the limited effectiveness they bring in addressing your symptoms, you are not alone.

The problems with using just drugs for dealing with depression – limited effectiveness, serious side effects, not addressing the root causes – are rather well documented.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost for the depression sufferer who has dreams of one day returning to a depression free life.

Hope in the alternative

There are actually a whole variety of alternative therapies available that has been shown to be effective, whether used together with antidepressant drugs or on their own.

These alternative methods are usually more natural and holistic, and they often seek to treat the entire person, not just the illness alone. As such, they may yield better success than some antidepressant drugs, yet without the undesired side effects of the conventional drugs.

These natural treatments for depression are known as “alternative” only in so far as they are not part of the conventional western medicine system that most of us are so familiar with now.

But back where they came from, they are not “alternative” at all. In fact, many of these natural therapies have been used successfully by different cultures long before antidepressant drugs were invented.

Lack of awareness for the “alternative”

The problem is that many people are not aware, or are wary, of these “alternative” natural therapies. Stephen S.Ilardi, Ph.D., associate professor of clinical psychology at the University of Kanas and author of many professional articles on mental illness, blames the lack of correct knowledge on “alternative” therapies on serious public misinformation.

For example, rare cases of side effects after using alternative remedies are often over-emphasized by conventional media, while frequently seen side effects from conventional treatments are less publicized. [1]

Furthermore, there is no incentive for the pharmaceuticals if patients turn to non-patentable natural treatments for depression instead of the pharmaceutical drugs. Hence, there is also no big marketing budget available to inform the public of the benefits of natural therapies. [1]

Fortunately, the world of the internet is allowing more people to have access to information on these “alternative” treatment methods for depression, as well as other illnesses.

Success stories with the “alternative” and natural

Indeed, there are now many success stories with “alternative” treatments for depression.

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