Where To Buy
Supplements And Herbs
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Where To Buy Supplements And Herbs For Depression

If you are searching to buy good quality supplements and herbs for depression at an affordable price, this article is a MUST-read for you.

Supplements, herbs and other natural health products for depression (and other ailments) are often sold at premium prices in our conventional stores and supermarkets.

If you are tight on budget, this may mean that you have less access to good quality supplements and herbs for dealing with your depression naturally.

But why should depression sufferers like you be penalized for seeking natural cures for your condition?

As huge fans of natural healing and remedies ourselves, my husband and I were fortunate to find an online store where natural supplements and herbal products are available at very affordable prices.

Affordable prices & multiple discounts

You won’t believe it until you’ve checked it out.

The prices of natural supplements and herbs for depression and other ailments can be 3/4, or even HALF, the price of the very same items (i.e. same brand, same produ)ct, same quantity) that we find at the local departmental store.

On your first purchase, you get to enjoy a first timer discount, using the following code.

RIB416 (i.e. rib416)

(See below for details on how to use the code)

In addition, when you order in bulk, you get additional discounts. That is not all – on top of the bulk purchase discounts, when you spend beyond a certain amount, you get some more discounts.

Now you no longer have to burn a hole in your pocket to deal with your depression the natural way using natural supplements and herbs for depression.

Quality and reliability

You must be wondering what this wonderful supplement and herb store is.

It is iHerb!

iHerb was initially started with the intention to promote the benefits of St John’s Wort herbs for depression. But eventually, it expanded to sell other herbs and supplements.

After over 14 years in business, it now carries more than 35,000 natural health products from over 1,000 brands (e.g. NOW Foods, Eden Foods, Nature’s Way, Yogi tea and Traditional Medicinals).

Some of the supplements and herbal products at the store are actually certified organic.

Quality is guaranteed when you shop at iHerb. This is because iHerb has such a high turnover rate for their products that their goods are on the shelves for an average of only 34 days.

iHerb is also one of the few online stores that is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified.

Excellent customer service

With the number of years iHerb has been in business, you can be assured that i-Herb has excellent customer service.

If any product you purchased turns up at your doorstep in an unsatisfactorily condition, you can always contact iHerb’s customer service to get it replaced. For example, previously my husband encountered a problem with his purchase – the item came in a broken bottle. When he contacted iHerb about the matter, i-Herb promptly refunded him for the item. No questions were asked.

And because i-Herb provides on-time online chat customer services (besides email) for its customers, you could get your questions about any product answered almost instantly. So this means no more long waits for email replies on product queries.

Something we found really useful at i-Herb is the product reviews by other iHerb customers. The unbiased reviews help to give us a sense of how useful the products were to those who had used them. So be sure to find out more about the brands of supplements or herbs for depression that you are eyeing, before you commit your money. You could even request for a free sample of new products introduced on iHerb, if they are on iHerb’s free-sampling list.

Affordable and speedy shipping

And unlike many online stores, iHerb provides shipping at a very affordable rate. Shipping is FREE for U.S. orders above $40, regardless of weight. Even with international shipments, the rates are very reasonable. This means that you can save your money on shipping to buy more supplements and herbs for your depression.

Despite the low shipping cost at iHerb, you can amazingly expect your orders to arrive rather quickly, usually within a few days, no matter which part of the world you are in.

Iherb’s discount code

If you are new to iHerb and wish to receive a first timer discount, simply click on the following link and start shopping from there.

Shop at iHerb

The discount code RIB416 (i.e. rib416) will automatically appear in your shopping cart to give you your first timer discount.

However, if the code and discount does not appear due to technical errors, you can simply enter the code, like what you see below, when you make your first purchase.


In fact, you can actually share the above discount code RIB416 (i.e. rib416) with your loved ones, so that they too get to benefit.

If you wish to receive more detailed instructions on how to use the discount code, or receive this iHerb coupon code in your email (so that you can keep it as a record), just fill in your details below.

Click here for a quick overview of the list of supplements, herbs and other natural products for dealing with depression.

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