Depression Causes – Candidiasis


Depression Causes – Candidiasis

One of the less well-known depression causes is candida yeast overgrowth.

Unfortunately, many conventional doctors consider this physical condition, known as the Candida Syndrome (CS), a “fad diagnosis” [1] or believe that candida yeast accounts for only disorders in the intestinal tract [2].

As such, they are often unable to identify a physical cause to their candida-infected patients’ sense of poor health, and may instead send these patients home with the message that “it’s all in your mind” (i.e. that their symptoms are psychosomatic), or even refer some of these patients (those with symptoms of depression or anxiety etc) to a psychiatrist.

It’s not just in the mind

Yet alternative therapies like Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. (orthomolecular psychiatry pioneer) and Richard Podell (mainstream internist with an interest in alternative therapies) have seen how their depressed patients, with many signs and symptoms suggestive of CS, improved from an anti-candida diet for depression, when conventional or orthomolecular (nutritional) treatment had proved ineffective [1].

As rightfully pointed out by C. Orian Truss, M.D., of Birmingham, Alabama, a candida expert and author of The Missing Diagnosis, chronic candidasis is very often labeled psychosomatic because the variety of conditions that the yeast brings about (e.g. depression, anxiety, moodiness) is easily confused with illnesses that are psychological in nature [3].

What is the candida

Candida, or candida albicans, is a strain of yeast that is found normally in the digestive tract (e.g. esophagus, gastrointestinal tract and colon [2]) and skin of almost every healthy person.

In healthy individuals with strong immune systems, the yeast is harmless and is kept in check by “good bacteria” (e.g. Bifodobacteria and acidophilus) which produce natural antifungal substances like B vitamin biotin. [3]

However, the balance of the intestinal environment can be upset by causes [2, 3] such as

  • the frequent and prolonged use of antibiotics that indiscriminately also kill off the “good” intestinal bacteria, allowing the yeast to proliferate;

  • a candida-promoting diet, which is high in refined sugars (simple sugars are food of choice for the yeast), alcohol (composed of fermented and refined sugars, may also hinder person’s ability to assimilate nutrients), or meats laced with antibiotics;
  • the use of birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy since estrogen fostered yeast; and
  • a damp environment that encourages the growth of yeast.

Subsequently when the body’s immune defenses are weak, the body’s ability to fight off a growing army of yeast is compromised. The body’s immune system can be weakened by the following causes – AIDS, cancer or other illnesses; poor diet; alcohol use; chemotherapy or radiation; stress; exposure to environmental toxins including pesticides, car exhaust, and heavy metals; use of steroids or anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. [3]

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