Natural Remedies For Depression
– A Summary


If you are in search of natural remedies for your depression, then you are on the right path in your journey toward a depression-free life.

You are on the right path

Many a times, we have heard stories (and read reports and studies) of how depression sufferers who simply relied on the conventional antidepressant drugs prescribed by their psychiatrists have often been let down by the problems of these drugs – limited effectiveness, harmful side effects, high dependency and high cost, just to name a few.

If you are one of those who have had this experience, you are not alone.

Fortunately for you, your frustrations with conventional depression treatment have led you to realize that the situation cannot go on as it has. (Unfortunately, not all depression sufferers come to this realization; some simply accept their fate and allow themselves to degenerate under the effects of their medications.)

This realization is important, because it gets you thinking of a very crucial question – “Is there nothing else I can do to deal with my depression?”

And it is in the process of answering this fundamental question that you will truly find your answers to a depression-free life.

And you might be pleasantly surprised – your effort to overcome your depression via natural means could, as a side effect, bring you overall better health.

This is because natural remedies for depression deal not only with your depressive symptoms or your depression, but with your body’s system-wide problems and imbalances. As the natural therapies help you with your depression condition, you may also find yourself unexpectedly recovering from other ailments you may be suffering from for some time.

Important: Finding the root cause

There is an important thing to bear in mind when searching for an effective treatment for depression.

As aptly pointed out by Stephen S.Ilardi, Ph.D, author of the book The Depression Cure, “when it comes to treating depression, there is no one-size-fit-all cure”.

This is because there are numerous factors that can lead to depression, and in many instances, depression is brought about by a combination of several factors, rather than by a single factor alone.

Moreover, the root cause(s) of depression can differ from an individual to another, so addressing depression effectively requires the root cause(s) to be identified and treatment to be targeted.

In other words, what works for one individual may not work for another.

Finding your way around

We have listed the different types of natural therapies for depression that we have covered in our website in the section below.

Some of you who are new to the world of natural health and healing may feel a little lost with the large range of possible therapies for depression. Given that depression has many possible causes, the number of natural therapies you can adopt to deal with your depression may be several times as many.

Rather than have you test yourself for every possible depression cause, or try out every remedy for what works for you, we thought we could make things a little easier.

Here is the Holistic-Depression-Help Guide that may provide you with a sense of where to start, and what type of help you can seek, if you need any.

Types of natural therapies for depression


Effectiveness Of Acupuncture For Depression Treatment

Acupuncture For Depression Treatment
Depression Relief Using Acupuncture Related Therapies

Amino Acids

Tryptophan For Coping With Depression Naturally
Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine For Coping With Depression
More On Amino Acids For Coping With Depression
The SAM e Depression Treatment


Anti-Candida Diet for Depression

Cognitive Therapy

Dealing With Depression Using Cognitive Therapy

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Fight Depression Naturally Using Emotional Freedom Techniques
EFT Steps For Dealing With Depression

Euglycemic Diet

Natural Remedy for Depression – The Euglycemic Diet


The Link Between Exercise And Depression Cure
Fight Depression Using Exercise

Treating Food Allergies

Depression Relief Through Treating Food Allergies


Herbs For Depression
Herbal Treatment For Depression – St John’s Wort
Kava Herbs For Depression
Ginkgo As A Herbal Remedy For Depression


Balancing Histamine For Coping With Depression Naturally


Treating Depression Naturally Using Homeopathy
Homeopathic Remedies For Treating Depression Naturally

Hormonal treatment

Coping With Depression Using DHEA
Human Growth Hormone For Fighting Depression Naturally
Thyroid Hormone For Fighting Depression Naturally
Coping With Depression Using Melatonin
Fight Depression Using Sex Hormone Therapy

Light therapy

Using Light Therapy Depression Treatment
Benefits Of Light Therapy Depression Treatment For All Depressives

Omega 3

Omega 3 Depression Treatment


Fight Depression By Overcoming Rumination – What Experts Found
Steps For Overcoming Rumination To Fight Depression


Insomnia Tips For Depressives
Healthy Sleep Habits & Insomnia Tips
Sleep Treatments For Depression

Overcoming Stress

Overcoming Stress And Depression Using Relaxation Techniques
Overcoming Stress And Depression Using Meditation
Exercising To Overcome Stress And Depression
More About Overcoming Stress And Depression

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treating Depression Using Traditional Chinese Medicine
Treating Depression Using Chinese Herbal Formulas


Eliminate Metal and Mineral Toxicity to Fight Depression

Vitamins & minerals deficiency

Minerals and Vitamins for Depression
B Vitamin for Depression Relief
D Vitamin for Depression Relief
Minerals For Dealing With Depression Naturally