Causes Of Depression
– Histamine Imbalance


Causes Of Depression – Histamine Imbalance

Unknown to many, including conventional medical doctors, one of the causes of depression is extremely low or high levels of histamine in the brain.

A neurotransmitter is itself, histamine stimulates the release of important mood neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in the hypothalamus. Histamine also counters the action of dopamine in brain areas responsible for filtering incoming sensory information. [1]

That is why it is important to balance your histamine levels when coping with depression. The following describes the effects you might experience if your histamine levels are too low or too high.

Too little histamine

Too little histamine can bring about thought disorders like paranoia, hallucinations (e.g. see or hear things abnormally), and even delusions. [1]

As such, people with low histamine levels (histapenic) are often suspicious or paranoid. Highly sensitive to criticisms and adversities, some may experience depression. They may also experience disorientation, clouded consciousness, or sensory dysperceptions like hallucinations or distortions in perceptions (e.g. of time, others or their bodies).

They may also experience racing thoughts, and have grandiose ideas, but are so easily fatigued and frustrated, that most are unable to actualize their grandiose plans [1, 2]. All these effects can further contribute to feelings of depression in the histapenics.

Other symptoms histapenics experience include frequent irritability, a high threshold for pain, tendency to have food allergies and chemical sensitivities (which are in turn also causes of depression), low libido and even stuttering or ringing ears. [1, 2]

Factors [1] that can reduce your brain histamine levels include:

  • ongoing deficiencies in zinc, vitamin C, folic acid and niacin (vitamin B3)

  • excessive blood copper (which allows excessive histamine degradation to take place)
  • long term use of drugs like Dilantin (an antiepileptic), which destroys the body’s supply of folic acid and can bring about severe paranoia and low histamine levels
  • increased estrogen levels due to the use of birth control pills or during pregnancy can lead to elevated copper levels, which can in turn bring about low histamine levels.
  • According to Joan Mathew Larson, Ph.D. (nutrition), founder and executive director of the highly esteemed Health Recovery Centre (HRC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, people with Type A blood type may be more prone to sequestering copper and subsequently, have lower histamine levels.

Too much histamine

In turn, too much histamine can cause various brain neurotransmitters to fire excessively.

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