D Vitamin for Depression Relief


D Vitamin for Depression Relief

This option is much simpler and safer to obtain your D vitamin for depression relief and correct your vitamin deficiency. Simply spend a little more time under the sun on a regular basis, so that your body can constantly produce the vitamin D it needs.

The production of vitamin D under sunlight can be rather efficient. A study on military personnel serving on submarines has found that 6 days of sunlight exposure was sufficient to supply enough vitamin D for another 49 days without sunlight. [2]

Going under the sun can also help you prevent against depression arising from light deficiency, such as the Seasonal Affective Disorder.

As for how much sunlight is needed to produce D vitamin for depression relief, it is suggested that the amount of sunlight that is needed to give you a slight tan (i.e. turn your skin just slightly darker) is actually what is needed for your body to produce the vitamin D it needs [1].

In turn, those who have fair skin will need less time under the sun, compared to those with darker complexion. [1]

Beyond Vitamin D deficiency

Beside vitamin D deficiency, there are also other vitamin (e.g. vitamin B and vitamin C) and mineral deficiency, as well as other nutritional deficiencies, that can also lead to the development of depression.

In fact, there are many other causes of depression, some of which may be affecting you or prolonging your depression condition, but which you are unaware of. As such, it may be worth for you to spend some time exploring the other causes of depression, as well as the other natural remedies for depression, to ensure that your root cause(s) of depression is properly addressed.

If you are unsure about where to start, begin with the Holistic-Depression-Help step-by-step guide to overcoming your depression naturally.


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