Fight Depression Naturally
Using Emotional Freedom Techniques


Fight Depression Naturally Using Emotional Freedom Techniques

As you seek to fight depression naturally, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is something you really should know about.

The emotional-physical-mental link

Even if you have put in place all the dietary and lifestyle changes that natural medicine have found to be effective for addressing depression, your efforts to regain good mental and physical health may be limited if emotional issues (e.g. grief, anger, guilt, fear, low self-esteem, etc) continue to bug you.

This emotional-physical-mental link is not something new; it has long been recognized by the wisdom of many holistic healing systems (including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda etc).

Hence, it is especially crucial that you address your emotional issues if you want to lead a depression-free and healthful life.

Subsequently, in this article, we look at a less conventional, nonetheless amazing, method of dealing with emotional problems – the Emotional Freedom Technique. It is self-administered, easy to use, comes practically free once you have learnt the steps, and is highly effective.

Even though my hubby and I do not have clinical depression, we have made use of this technique at several points in our lives, to deal with emotional issues such as pessimism about life, chronic rumination, excessive worrying, insomnia, phobia of heights, etc. And we have found much success in EFT that we sometimes fail to find in other methods.

So here’s more about EFT to fight depression (as well as other emotional issues) naturally.

EFT and how it works

EFT is a powerful self-help technique that uses elements of Cognitive Therapy, Exposure Therapy, and Acupressure. [1, 2]

Based on the belief that ailments arise from emotional dysfunctions, EFT uses the same energy pathways (i.e. meridians) as in traditional acupuncture, but without the use of invasive needles, to treat emotional and physical ailments. Hence, it is sometimes described as “psychological acupressure”. [1, 2]

EFT involves 3 basic elements [1, 2]:

  1. mentally “tuning in” to issues that bother us (i.e. elements of Exposure Therapy),

  2. voicing positive self-affirmations on those issues (i.e. elements of Cognitive Therapy), and
  3. stimulating specific meridian points on the body by tapping on them with fingertips (i.e. elements of Acupressure).

These 3 elements in EFT help to correct disruptions to the body’s energy system, such that memories of negative events or experiences no longer trigger negative emotions in us.

Balance in the energy system is regained via tapping on specific meridian points (element 3). By “tuning in” to a specific problem (element 1) while tapping, the negative effects brought about by the specific problem can be undone. By voicing positive affirmations while thinking about the specific problem, self-acceptance for the problem is also increased.

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