Eliminate Metal and Mineral Toxicity
to Fight Depression


Eliminate Metal and Mineral Toxicity  to Fight Depression

To fight depression, one of the important things you will need to do is to eliminate whatever excessive minerals or heavy metals that are poisoning your body.

We have mentioned that while some minerals (e.g. copper) are essential for bodily functions, they are toxic in large amounts, whereas heavy metals (e.g. lead, mercury, cadmium) are toxic to the body even in minute quantities [1, 2].

Read more about metal and mineral toxicity as a cause of depression and how you can go about diagnosing mineral and heavy metal toxicity.

Here’s more on what you can do to eliminate your heavy metal and mineral toxicity to overcome your depression naturally.

Eliminating specific metal and mineral toxicity

Mercury poisoning

When it comes to coping with depression, Joan Mathews Larson, PH.D (nutrition), founder and executive director of the highly esteemed Health Recovery Centre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, recommends that you fight depression caused by mercury poisoning using intravenous vitamin C chelation therapy and intravenous EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra acetate) chelation therapy [2].

Selenium and amino acids (L-glutathione, L-metionine, L-cysteine and L-cystine) also serve useful antagonist/protective functions against mercury [3].

As you fight depression caused by mercury, you will also do well to avoid the following as they are sources of mercury toxins – dental amalgams, broken fluorescent lights, as well as seafood (especially tuna, swordfish, shellfish, kelp and other seaweeds) whose waters are contaminated with mercury or other chemicals [1, 2, 3].

Mercury is also found in some fabric softeners, floor polishes, wood preservatives, adhesives, pesticides and fungicides, paints and dyes (including those for tattoos) and textiles [1].

Drugs and pharmaceuticals containing thimerosal or sodium ethyl mercur (e.g. antiseptics, ointments, cosmetics, laxatives, eye drops, contraceptive gels, douches and vaccines) contain mercury and should also be avoided as you fight depression caused by mercury poisoning[1]

To fight depression and the other perplex symptoms brought about by mercury in existing dental fillings (which seemingly release mercury vapor into the mouth during chewing [1]), some have attempted to remove their amalgam fillings.

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