Fight Depression
Using Sex Hormone Therapy


Fight Depression Using Sex Hormone Therapy

Studies on the link between sex hormone imbalances and depression suggest that you can fight depression using sex hormone therapy.

Imbalances in sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are one of the known depression causes. The link between these sex hormones and depression has been discussed in a previous article.

Hence, in this article, we focus on what you can do to correct your imbalances in sex hormones, so as to deal effectively with your depression.

Important – Test your hormonal levels

Joan Mathews Larson, PH.D (nutrition), founder and executive director of the highly esteemed Health Recovery Centre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, advised that the first and most important step before starting on any hormone therapy is to check your level of free or unbound hormones, using a lab test. [1]

The lab test will show you the amount of sex hormone that you lack, and how much actually needs to be replenished through therapy.

In this way, as you fight depression using hormonal therapy, you will be able to stick as close as possible to the natural hormonal balance of a healthy body. Doing so will help you avoid the negative effects associated with the improper use of hormone therapies. [1].

Estrogen and Progesterone therapies

Estrogen hormone therapy

You might have heard of some of the common negative effects of using
estrogen hormone therapy – increased risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer (specially when estrogen is used together with a synthetic progestin), weight gain, uterine bleeding, fluid retention, and premenstrual symptoms like headaches and irritability [1].

As such, Dr Larson recommends the use of estriol to fight depression caused by deficiency in oestrogen. This is because estriol is a weak estrogen that confers the benefits of estrogen without the risk of cancer. [1]

A study by the Medical College of Georgia found that estriol was safe to use even at high doses, and was able to relieve menopausal symptoms and reverse vaginal atrophy at doses between 2 to 8 mg daily [1].

In fact, estriol is being tested by the University of Nebraska Medical Centre as a preventive measure against breast cancer. This is because lower estriol relative to estradiol and estrone (the 2 more harmful forms of estrogen that are converted to estriol in the liver) levels have been found in women with breast cancer, as compared to women without. [1]

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