Human Growth Hormone
For Fighting Depression Naturally


Human Growth Hormone For Fighting Depression Naturally

Unknown to many, the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can be used for fighting depression naturally.

This is because deficiency in HGH is one of the causes of depression.

There are three possible natural methods of increasing HGH levels in your body when dealing with depression caused by HGH deficiency.

The first two methods

Two of the methods are pointed out by Joan Mathews Larson, PH.D (nutrition), founder and executive director of the highly esteemed Health Recovery Centre in Minneapolis, Minnesota – (1) boosting your own HGH production by taking growth hormone releasers and/or GHB (gamma-hydroxybutrate); (2) injecting HGH on a daily basis. [1]

Of the two methods, the one of choice would depend on your age (and hence ability to produce HGH) and existing levels of HGH in your body. [1]

In turn, she recommended that the aim of the HGH replacement therapy when fighting depression would be to raise your Insulin-Growth-Factor I (i.e. IGF-I) level to that of a normal 30 to 40 year old person (i.e. high 200s or low 300s). [1]

Boosting your own HGH production

The first of Dr Larson’s method involves boosting your own HGH production using HGH releasers.

Dr Larson’s Health Recovery Centre uses a formula comprising of HGH releasing amino acids like arginine (3g), lysine (3g), glutamine (3g), ornithine (1g) and niacin (500mg) to boost HGH production for fighting depression caused by HGH deficiency. This formula is to be taken at bedtime. [1]

After a week of the use of the formula, arginine, lysine and glutamine would have to be increased (to 4g each after 1 week, and 5g each after the 2nd week at 4g). Ornithine would also have to be increased (to 2g after 1 week). [1]

After 3 weeks of using the formula, you would have to stop using the formula for a week to allow your body to adjust and reset its own feedback mechanism, so that your body does not shut down its own natural supply of hormones. [1]

A word of caution – if you are already taking any of the nutrients mentioned, be sure to keep your daily consumption levels within the dosage indicated [1].

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