Depression Causes – Food Allergies


Depression Causes – Food Allergies

Unknown to many, food allergies (and addictions) are actually one of the common depression causes.

Food allergy generally refers to the body’s abnormal physiological reaction to food(s) consumed, although there is disagreement as to whether allergies can be non-immunologic (ie. do not involve the immune system), whether they can be triggered by anything besides proteins, and whether they can take place anywhere besides the skin, respiratory system and digestive tract [1].

Food allergies as a potential depression cause

Notwithstanding these areas of differences, it is widely recognized in the field of alternative medicine that food allergies are a potential cause of mental disorders. In fact, allergies that bring about mental symptoms are known as brain allergies, and depression is one of the most common symptoms of brain allergies [1].

Indeed, the American College of Allergy and Immunology notes that food allergy can trigger the following conditions – chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, attention deficit, headaches, hyperactivity, insomnia and sleep disorders, learning disorders. [2]

In other words, your answer to depression relief may lie in treating your food allergies.

In case you are wondering how allergy to foods like peanuts and seafood can be linked to depression causes, the answer lies in the different types of allergic reactions.

The most common type (what most of us know of) takes place immediately after exposure to the allergic substance. These reactions are typically caused by Immunoglobulins IgE and lead to reactions like rashes, watery eyes and running nose, asthma, difficulty breathing etc. [3]

Another type of allergic reactions occurs in a delayed fashion – symptoms may manifest up to 72 hours after exposure to the allergic substance. The symptoms (eg. lethargy, attention deficit, fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, hyperactivity) usually appear unrelated to allergic reactions and are often caused by Immunoglobulins IgG [3].

It is this latter type of allergic reaction we are interested in here and which could provide an important lead to depression causes.

Causes of food allergies

According to Alternative Medicine – The Definitive Guide, food allergies are a result of imbalanced immune function, default in the allergy barrier function and toxic overload. If you are interested, you can read more about these causes of food allergies.

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