Natural Remedy for Depression
– The Euglycemic Diet


Natural Remedy for Depression – The Euglycemic Diet

If hypoglycemia is the cause of your depression, then the natural remedy for depression for you is to change your diet [1, 2].

In a previous article, we discussed in greater details how hypoglycemia is an important cause of depression.

In this article, we focus on what you can do to treat hypoglycemia, so that you can find relief from your depression.

The Euglycemic Diet

It seems that the only natural way to treat hypoglycemia is to change your diet [1, 2].

That is where the euglycemic (good for blood sugar) diet comes in. As a natural remedy for depression, the euglycemic diet can keep the body off the blood sugar roller coaster and help maintain a steady supply of blood sugar to the body and brain, which in turn helps in dealing with depression.

Evidence of effectiveness

Evidence for the euglycemic diet as a natural remedy for depression can be seen in studies such as those by Christensen and associates.

In the studies, when euglycemic diets were prescribed to psychologically distressed people with symptoms suggestive of hypoglycemia, all experienced improvements in their depression conditions. The subjects then relapsed when they returned to their previous junky diets, but improved once again when they reverted back to the euglycemic diets. It was as if their depression was being turned on and off by a dietary switch. [1]

There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to euglycemic diets for dealing with depression.

Types of euglycemic diets

One school proposes the traditional Seale-Harris euglycemic diet as a natural remedy for depression. With this diet, carbohydrate-rich foods (including fresh fruits, whole grains and legumes) are rejected altogether and replaced with intake of proteins and fats [1] (because fats are easy to absorb, provide twice the amount of energy and do not always trigger the release of insulin [2]).

The other school proposes a less restrictive and more popular euglycemic diet (advocated by the late naturopath Paavo Airola) where there is low intake of meat and dairy products and high intake of whole, complex, high-fibre carbohydrates such as whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fresh fruits that are not too sweet. [1] The food is then consumed in portions of small meals every 3 hours. [2]

As a natural remedy for depression, both types of euglycemic diets have their successes and failures [1, 2] — so you will need to find out which suits your body better. The high protein-fat and low carbohydrates diet may sound contrary to the recommendations of most health authorities today, but it has worked wonders for some, much better than the less restrictive euglycemic diet. [1]

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