Sleep Treatments For Depression


Sleep Treatments For Depression

Sleep is an critical element when it comes to treatments for depression.

Sleep is so crucial in ensuring physical and emotional well-being that a lack of it has been found to cause and trigger depression. In addition, the poor quality of sleep experienced by many depressives also hinders their recovery process. [1]

When it comes to dealing with depression, improving the quality of sleep (including ensuring sufficient sleep) is essential.

In addition, sleep remedies can also be used as a depression cure. In particular, there are the sleep therapy (ST) and sleep deprivation (SD) therapy.

Sleep therapy (ST)

Sleep therapy (ST) in depression treatment basically involves allowing the depressed patients to “oversleep”, or sleep for as many as 17 hours a day, for several days.

According to Dr Stuart Rosen, the ST procedure at the Charing Cross Hospital, London, involves getting the patient to sleep 15 to 17 hours a day, for a few days. After that, ST continues for the patients on a more moderate level, and eventually, the patients are returned gradually to their normal sleep schedule. [2]

For the depression patients at the clinic of Soviet psychiatrist B. V. Andreev, they would be placed on 11 to 17 hours of sleep treatments for depression per day for one to two weeks. Since it is sometimes hard for the patients to sleep for so many hours in a row, the extra sleep is obtained by napping from 10am to 2pm, and 3pm to 7pm. In turn, bedtime was from 10pm to 8am. [2]

Use of sleep therapy

In Syd Baumel’s words, “sleep therapy is one of those common-sense healing techniques” that have been used by many cultures, including the ayurvedics in India, the medicine men in Nigeria, as well as therapists in United States such as the distinguished neurologist Weir Mitchell. [2]

According to Andreev, sleep treatments for depression works best for patients who look and feel as if they need it. These patients are usually burned out and depressed. In fact, many of them might be diagnosed today as what is known as the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). [2]

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