The HDH Guide
To Overcoming Depression Naturally


The HDH Guide To Overcoming Depression Naturally

In this Holistic-Depression-Help Guide To Overcoming Depression Naturally, the recommendations are grouped into 3 main steps.

If your resources are limited, you could proceed through the recommendations one step at a time. If Step 1 does not work enough for you, proceed to Step 2. If Step 2 does not work enough for you, proceed to Step 3.

Of course, if your resources permit, or if your depression is severe, you could and should start right from Step 3, while at the same time also adopting Steps 1 and 2 to support your anti-depression program in Step 3.

In turn, the recommendations we have listed in this guide are based on research and the experiences of natural therapists on what works for depression. You can click on the respective links to obtain more detailed information (e.g. evidences, dosages, usage guidelines) on each recommendation.


Step 1 entails the basic things you can do for yourself to start on the path toward recovery.

These areas are actually the fundamentals of good health. In fact, every one of us (whether we have depression or not) can and should put these in place in our daily lives for physical and mental well-being.


Ensure that you have adequate intake of the following nutrients. You could eat foods rich in these nutrients, or make use of dietary supplementation. These nutrients are not only key for your recovery from depression, but also fundamental for your overall physical and mental well-being.

Lifestyle factors

Adopt the following in your day-to-day living for a healthier lifestyle. These lifestyle factors are not only key for your recovery from depression, but also fundamental for your overall physical and mental well-being.

Dealing better with stress, emotions and thoughts

Learn to deal better with your stress, emotional problems and negative thoughts. Doing so not only helps you in your recovery from depression, but also reduces your risk of relapses.

Some of the techniques you can use include:


Step 2 entails the more intermediate efforts to deal with depression and achieve good health. You may wish to explore this step if your efforts in step 1 yield little or no benefits to your depression condition.

Get yourself checked for medical conditions

Some medical conditions or medication can cause depression or predispose you to depression. Hence, consult your family doctor to check if you are suffering from any medical conditions or taking any medication that could be causing your depression.

Checks for other systemic health problems

Also, you might wish to explore if you have any of the following conditions. These conditions are less commonly known among conventional doctors, but which natural therapists believe to be very potent causes of depression and other health conditions.

If you are indeed suffering from any of these conditions, it is crucial that you get yourself treated for them. A holistic and natural health care practitioner will be able to help you with these problems.


Step 3 entails more advanced efforts to deal with depression. You will probably need to adopt this step if your depression is relatively serious. At the same time, you should still seek to adopt Steps 1 and 2, as they will be useful in strengthening your efforts in Step 3, as well as bringing you overall better health.

Seeking professional help from a natural healer

Natural and holistic healing systems that you can seek help from to deal with your depression include:


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